To find answers it’s necessary to ask questions and questions are the basis to learning. In CedeCOM we have learned how to share knowledge, how to improve training, how to make it accessible to more people and to do all this at a reasonable price.

We have found answers and have developed our own offer of e-learning contents, Global Thesis Academy, a virtual campus for learning which provides on-line training and the interaction between students and professors, a community without limits or frontiers. A platform accessed by than 20 million students worldwide and where you pace your efforts according to your own schedule.

You choose what you need to learn, how to improve your employability o your knowledge and we make sure you that you can do that comfortably from any device or location with excellent professionals and experienced teaching staff and with the contents carefully structured. You will have access to high quality learning resources with libraries of background information, audio-visual tools, practical information, links to webs, reports, articles and self-evaluation tools. If you really want to learn, we make it easy for you!